Nathan Griffiths

Virtual reality/interactive design, development and production. Previously @AP and @nytimes.

The Daily 360


360° Videos produced for “The Daily 360” virtual reality video series at The New York Times.

Nimrud’s Riches


WebVR-based exploration of the Islamic State’s destruction of the archaeological site of Nimrud in Iraq.

Ground Zero Reborn

360 video takes viewers to the site of the fallen World Trade Center 15 years after 9/11.

Honor Killings


Visualization of a database compiled by The AP of hundreds of cases of women killed in so-called honor killings in Pakistan.

USS Gerald Ford

USS Gerald Ford cover image

Multimedia feature documents the USS Gerald Ford, the U.S. Navy’s next-generation aircraft carrier.

Summer Symphony

Join Alan Gilbert, Music Director of the NY Philharmonic, on stage and surrounded by by the orchestra in this 360 video experience.

The Second Line

360 video documents a second line parade organized in response to the gun violence that plagues New Orleans. Produced in collaboration with RYOT News.

Rush Delivery

Worldport cover image

Multimedia feature documents Worldport, the world’s largest automated sorting facility.

Seeking Home

360 video documents a camp in northern France where migrants and refugees wait, hoping to make it to the U.K. Produced in collaboration with RYOT News.

The Suite Life

Suite Life cover image

VR and 3D tours of accomodations and suites that highlight the luxury accommodations available to the super-rich. Also available for Gear VR.

Shrimp supply chain


Flowchart tracks how shrimp peeled using forced labour reaches the supply chain of American consumers.

Transgender youth


Portraits of transgender youth in South Florida highlight their hardship and resilience.

Trading signals


An introduction to the elaborate language of hand signals used by commodities traders ahead of the closure of most NY and Chicago futures pits.

Modern slavery


Stories of men freed from conditions of modern day slavery following a Pulitzer winning investigation by the AP into the Thai fishing industry.

Weegee’s New York


A series of before and after images show the industrialized, pre-gentrified New York of legendary New York crime photographer Weegee.

Road to Paektu


Photo essay from a road trip across North Korea taken by AP journalists. 2014 SND Award of Excellence for single-subject features.

The goal of life


Multimedia narrative explores the role of soccer for children growing up the in the slums of Honduras. 2014 SND Award of Excellence for use of multimedia.

Focus: North Korea


AP journalists in Pyongyang used Instagram to highlight rarely seen views of the reclusive country. Winner of the 2013 ONA award for topical reporting.

Two Koreas


Comparing the development of North and South Korea in the decades following the Korean War.

Old world portraits


A series of portraits, interviews and charts explore the future and fears of an ageing global population.

Every World Cup goal


Data visualization shows every shot and goal from the 2014 World Cup.

Olympic torch


Model viewer for the 2014 Winter Olympics gold medal, torch and cauldron.

2012 election map


2012 Presidential Election map, as seen on NPR.